Letter from a chapter


To: Zeitgeist Canada
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 2:22 AM
Subject: Re: Venus Project Lecture Tour

(my comments in color)

Thanks for the update!
I'll send out some messages to people on facebook.

Message boards here have pretty much died,

I personally have never believed that the forum "message boards" have ever had much impact as they are simply people talking endlessly and most without the full extent of the knowledge base available ie: the orientation guide and other lectures and PDFs available.

but I'm still alive and kicking on facebook building a global and local network containing both people I have met through the movement and by other means.

Those that are in or are heading up local chapters should be focused fully and solely on the local movement in their area. Moving the "activism" from an online means to a more active community driven means.

I'm not really attaching a label to my work anymore, though. 'zeitgeist' has become more of a stigma than a means of increasing that network.

These endless, for the most part, useless forum topics, whether on facebook or other forums just endlessly go on with arguments and re-hashing the same stuff over and over again. I found that when I moved off the forums entirely and started working the local community and talking to people on the street it was a 100% positive feedback.

and trying to be a one man show to keep it going has worn me out. So, I just do what I do, and keep plugging away at all the same issues without labels.

The definition of insane.... is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The issues are endless gibberish with little to ever be achieved. It is just a matter of continually getting Addendum out to new people to see their excitement. Way better then spending endless and ongoing time with a handful that, with their entire lack of knowledge and their "opinions", have little to offer except to argue the movement based on one movie viewing alone.

I'm awaiting the newest movie coming out later this year and hoping it will create a positive buzz once again.

We can not wait for the movie, Addendum, or the new 3rd movie or the 4th or the 5th to create the buzz. It is up to us in the local chapters to get that buzz going. Our excitement and drive within our local community is what will create the momentum that will take this movement to the highest levels. It is up to us to make this happen! If we wait for the 3rd movie to "change the world" we will be just doing the same thing again with the same results. Yes, there will be a "rush" of initial excitement but again, there will be MORE idiots out there hanging on the internet web posts and facebook sites that will be throwing their ridiculous "2 cents" into every website forum out there. YES, we have grown and that means that the problem makers will have grown as well, and we will have MORE of the same conversations on the web as we do now.

We might get a "positive buzz once again" but if we don't transcend that "positive buzz" by utilizing out local chapter forces and make things happen in our communities by becoming a positive presence then this "positive buzz once again" will wimper out and we will be left with the same online conversations that have gotten us derailed and distracted.

There are just too many issues to overcome

So we shouldn't even try. That is not our job right now. Our ONLY job is to make others aware that these "issues" exist in the first place. And MANY on the street level don't even have a clue. The internet is only for those same people talking over and over again with their "opinions". We need to KEEP reaching out to the masses that still have not seen Addendum. This is best achieved at the local street level.

with people who have seen or know of only the first movie,

On the street we have a 100% positive response to "Zeitgeist". This would be the "label" that you speak of. Yet I am still amazed that many have not seen the second movie and are excited to take home a copy of the Addendum. We will give out between 100 to 150 each time we go out. And we have been in front of the Vancouver art gallery every weekend this past spring and summer. We have also started to include a flyer promoting the 3rd movie. This is what WE can do as chapters. It is now OUR responsibility to get the word out.

and haven't even really been exposed to or seen addendum.

This is how we do it. This is how we expose them to addendum. Poster your town/city, hand out flyers, set up a booth or table in a busy section of downtown. Two reasons..... NUMBER ONE: that is what will get Addendum out to the public. NUMBER TWO: that is what will establish the name "Zeitgeist" (the label as mentioned above) as a real, live, active organization of breathing individuals that are DOING something within their community. This is positive! This is action! this is what will make people take notice!

I don't understand why this message of action is so hard to get across. The movies provide the message but WE (the chapters) are the messengers! We started chapters just to do nothing within our community?? This makes no sense at all.

As I mentioned before, on the street we have a 100% positive response to the Zeitgeist Movement. We get cheers from people in their cars, we get yell outs from people across the street. We get people that come up to us and say how happy they are that we are there and that they support us 100%. This you will never get online with the trolls on the internet sites. They will drain you.

Many others have no idea what so ever of the movement but will read our signs and poster boards and will walk up to our table and say, "I agree with what you guys are saying and a lot of this stuff on your signs so tell me what you guys are all about"?

The internet is so draining that I have no idea why people persist with it.

After being an active chapter for over one year and being set up on the street talking almost every week with droves of individuals we feel that each time just keeps getting better and better. The very thought of disappointment or things not moving forward is completely absurd. We walk away from each event absolutely blown away with how amazing the response is and how positive the day was.

The only thing that leaves me scratching my head is why EVERYONE is not doing this? It's simple, it's fun, it shows people in an active state. It is what we signed up for.... to make a difference, to spread the message and to be the change.

What progress we could achieve if all chapters set up an aggressive campaign to promote the 3rd movie throughout 2011. Every chapter, every month. Being on the street as a community presence and as a voice of the movement. There is NOTHING to get down or negative about at that level.

Don't worry about holding monthly meetings where chapter members start not showing up and attending because life gets in the way. Taking the kids to ballet or some other situation. What can really be achieved in the end at these meetings?? This is the same as online groups. In the end it is the same people talking about the same stuff and at some point most will move on and you are left in a living room just talking about how shitty everything is with a handful of people wondering ..... "what can we do now?"

To be an active chapter you only need 3 or 4 solid core members and these members will be dedicated if you proceed forward with constant activity. Not just "living room" conversations.

Others will join you as you move forward. But it is not important. Our rule is that if someone just keeps coming back 5 or 6 times and hanging out at our booth and taking part in street level conversations then we invite them to be an active core member.

The 3rd movie will come out but what we do with it is what will make the difference in the end. It is up to us the chapters WORLDWIDE to get out and hit the streets.

If you are not an active chapter I urge you to get your team and start to plan an aggressive monthly awareness campaign. Start now to promote the 3rd film and then when it comes out to give it out to those that come by your booth or table. Along with screenings, postering and street level information booths we can create momentum on a massive level.



** As a note: the above actions suggested have been continued and still continue every month without fail in our local city chapter in Vancouver. Our results? Still absolutely amazing and motivating! We continue to meet new people each week who are excited to learn about Zeitgeist: The Movement!