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The Zeitgeist Movement started just a few years ago as a single on-line documentary. Since then, it has evolved into a world wide movement of hundreds of thousands and it is only now, at this time, that the true growth of the Zeitgeist Movement will begin to be fully realized. Why this growth? Simply it's message. Many today are at a loss as to the problems that face us as a human race. And not just humans, but all living species and the very planet itself are facing catastrophic disasters that, left untouched, might very well be irreversible.

This growing knowledge, combined with a lack of world wide solutions to these problems we face, has many people frustrated and searching for answers. The message of The Zeitgeist Movement strikes home to many who see the movie for the very first time. It is a powerful message. Many that see the movie and read through the documentation feel a real and instant connection to the foundation of these ideas.

The goal of the International Canadian Chapter is to connect these people with a chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement within their own area.

Many that see the movies for the first time, or read through the documentation feel a real urgency to "get involved". Most often, simply signing up to a website is not enough. People want to express themselves and feel a real desire to share this new knowledge with others. Alone, this can be a daunting task. Local "city" chapters provide a real opportunity to foster new relationships, while at the same time provide a positive community association that is a welcomed change from the drudgery and uninspiring daily grind.

To get involved with The Zeitgeist Movement, we first recommend signing up with our MAIN SITE. At The Zeitgeist Movement site you will find an extensive library of documentation on the ideas of both, The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project. We highly recommend reading through all the material on that site as well as the FAQ.

Although, you can also find some of the main documents within our LINKS section (coming soon), it is not our goal to simply duplicate this on our site. What we hope to achieve through our International Canadian Chapter is to assist new Canadian members that join The Zeitgeist Movement to find a local "home" in their own community from which they can become an active member. Many individuals bring incredible talents and enthusiasms to their local chapters that, when combined, create a machine that becomes unstoppable!

International Canadian Chapter will help these people find these local chapters in their own town or city. It is here that they too will be able to express their own talents and enthusiasm. Each chapter brings with it, it's own unique flair and style. Each local town and city chapter will have incredible ideas that help greatly in spreading the word of The Zeitgeist Movement. Sharing these ideas among the many local chapters will bring about new levels of excitement and make sharing and expressing our message as a group more efficient and explosive!

A person with a mind blowing t-shirt idea in one chapter can quickly find that other chapters have adopted that same design. If it works, let’s share it! A great flyer that seems to catch a persons attention and elicit questions is an effective flyer for all chapters to have.

Ideas and creativity are what will move mountains and The Zeitgeist Movement forward.

At this time we are looking to build chapters in every town and every city across Canada.

Starting a chapter is not difficult at all. A chapter is simply a small "core" group that meets on a regular basis to discuss ways to help spread the message. These meetings can take place in ones own living room or at the kitchen table. These meetings consist of discussions on ways to spread information on The Zeitgeist Movement throughout ones town or city.

Ways that are very effective in spreading the message are simply attending already created events within your area. In any town or city, regardless of size, many fairs, community markets, festivals, concerts and other community based events offer great exposure to a young Zeitgeist group. A simple table with a photocopied flyer of information, some DVD’s to hand-out, creative "pins" and even t-shirts are exciting materials to have at these types of events and community fairs. A creative banner or poster can stop people in their tracks and very quickly an engaging conversation will ensue. As a group, spreading the message of The Zeitgeist Movement can be a fun day of great conversations and new found relationships with people that are also looking for these answers.

Having a website to combine the information about your chapter, as well as creating a way for people to hear of your events and meetings is extremely important. But it doesn't have to be a difficult task. A simple "Facebook" page is an effective tool that many today are already utilizing and are familiar with. It is a great way to get up and running with your chapter quickly. For a look at a great local Zeitgeist Chapter Facebook page, please go HERE.

For those that are interested in starting a chapter in their own area we will make ourselves available to assist in any questions, thoughts or concerns that you might have. Starting a chapter is a rewarding step to spreading the word within your own community. If you feel that you want to take a more active approach within The Zeitgeist Movement, then please contact us.

Also, our TOOLS section will feature creative and unique ideas that others are finding to be useful in helping to spread the message. These will consist of pins with interesting slogans, t-shirts, posters, flyers and so much more. The list is really endless. With so much combined creative flow throughout our chapters, new ideas will quickly be coming in. To access the Main Site Tools go HERE.

Thank you for your commitment to Spreading the message of The Zeitgeist Movement.

If you are not in a chapter, please join one.

If there is not one near you, please start one, so that others will be able to join you.

Zeitgeist Canada