The Goal of the Canadian Chapter

The goal of the Canadian Zeitgeist Chapter is to be a bridge from the global Zeitgeist Movement chapter to the local city chapters. It is important for all Canadians, that join the Zeitgeist Movement, to feel a instant connection with the ideas and principles of the movement. This can be best achieved by direct involvement with ones own local chapter. It is at this level that any individual can participate in the local events, the growth of the movement within their local community and bring to the table their own creative talents. These talents are vast amongst the Canadian, and the world's, population. Every person can and should feel that, at whatever level, they too can play an active role in the growth of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Connecting and working with your local chapter to develop and build relationships with ones own community, is the quickest and most efficient way to foster the growth and ideas that are the foundation of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project.

We look very forward to working with all of you!