Our Work

Lets move humanity forward
Starting with ourselves

Stop and take a breath

Our every waking moment is utter destruction for the planet.

We need to STOP and reevaluate our entire existence.

Stop. Breath. Think.

Do you think you have the strength to actually change?

The reality is that society is moving in the wrong direction. All guns blazing!!

We need the holidays, the shopping, the dining, the entertainment…. just to hide, to stay safe.

To pretend everything is ok.

If we don’t elicit change the world will be stepping in on our behalf and we will be forced to change. The next few years will be an eye opener to everyone on this planet. But as the climate crisis rages and habitat for humans and all other species is lost we will have no one to blame when the dust clears but ourselves. We choose to look the other way and “hoped” that help would come. Now we must face the person in the mirror.

You see

It NEVER was ok.